Friday, 11 April 2008

Foo House

Finally we met up with our friend Licia last night after talking about meeting up for months. We made a last minute decision to have dinner at Foo House, a cosy restaurant tucked away in the quiet Simpang Bedok neighbourhood .

Foo House is famous for its food because the person behind it is Robert Foo, Ex Executive Sous Chef of the Grand Hyatt. Their specialties include roast duck, pork knuckles, traditional Hainanese Pork Chops, the big juicy Picardy Burger and Irish stew. For photos and details, click here.

It was full house when we got there, so we were ushered to this tall table with bar stools. It was good to tower over everyone because we could see what they were eating from our vantage point.

Foo House is an unpretentious place that's filled with interesting memorabilia from yesteryear. It makes one feel at home right away, so it is no surprise that most of the patrons are regulars. There were several gatherings going on last night, CH even bumped into an old university mate.

Licia ordered lamb which looked really nice and tender. I'm not a fan of lamb, so I had pork ribs which had this melt-in-the-mouth texture. Even CH thinks the ribs tasted better than his Picardy burger. We shared the tasty pumpkin soup and baked cheesecake which was a little too dense for our liking.

The casual setting makes it a popular hangout for the guys. Besides serving excellent meats in decent portions and at reasonable prices, there's also a good selection of beer. The meals come with mashed potato, chips or butter rice and a small salad.

With Licia in her new China doll hairstyle.

After last night's heavy dinner, CH and I went on a running date this morning. The air quality at East Coast Park wasn't very good and it started getting hot and humid by about 9am. We were exhausted after running for 30 minutes and decided to head to the food centre for breakfast.

During our long walk back to our car, we came across these 2 beautiful big dogs by the beach. They certainly attracted alot of attention and many people were crowding around, taking photos.

We may be big, but we're beautiful!

Talking about photos, here's a recent one of my little niece.

I'm small and cute!


Anonymous said...

yum usual...blogging about food...!

WaterLearner said...

Yeah..Ting is getting more and more polished as a Food Critic.

So what's up tomorrow?

The World According to Me said...

Baked cheese cake is one of my favourite deserts! Sounds a great place.

Love the big dogs and your cute niece.