Monday, 28 April 2008


It's a fine morning. I'm all blissed out in my sanctuary when my mobile phone rang. It's a private number. I picked up the phone to hear a woman's voice booming across...

Loud Lady: Hello, is this XX XX Pte Ltd?

Blur Ting: Yes, it is.

LL: Is your address 109 XX XX Road?

BT: Yes, but where are you calling from?

LL: I'm from an events company and we're updating our database. What's your postal code?


LL: What's your fax number?


LL: Is XXXXXX your phone number?

BT: It's our old number.

LL: But you answered the call when I called that number?

BT: Because it is diverted to my mobile phone.

LL: Can I have your new office phone number?


LL: What's your company's website and email address?

BT (starting to get pissed off) : Tell me again, where are you from?

LL: We're an events company updating our database. Next time we can inform you if there are related events.

BT (why should I give you all these info if you're only going to innundate me with emails later): Sorry, we don't have any.

LL: Are you an international company?

BT: What do you mean?

LL: Are you an MNC or a local company?

BT (feeling the heat rising up my face): We're a local company but tell me again why are you asking all these info?

LL: We're updating our database. Who is the managing director of the company?

BT: It's XXX.

LL: What's the full name? It's a Mr or Miss. Are you the M.D?

BT: Just use the initials T.T.

LL: P.P? How many employees in your company?

BT (boiling already): Look, it's T for Thailand! Are you from a government agency investigating our company? (in my sarcastic tone)

LL: We're updating our database.

BT: Look, I am really not happy that you're asking so many questions out of a random phone call.

LL: We're updating our database and if you think that way, it's ok.

Then she hung up.

Was I over-reacting? I mean she didn't want to tell me which company she is from and she kept on bulldozing and mining for information like there's no tomorrow.

This is too draining for me on a Tuesday morning. ROOOAAAR!


mooiness said...

Your reaction is perfectly acceptable. When calling on business, it's always good manners to start with, "Hello, this is Xxx from ABC".

If she had done that, then the whole thing would have gone a lot more differently. Rather than just assume that ppl would hand out their information freely.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Updating a database??????
I haven't come across that one yet...

Nick Phillips said...

I don't think you over reacted at all. If she couldn't tell you where she was calling from, then you perfectly had the right not to give her anymore details. The nerve of some people!

Loz said...

You weren't over reacting. I would have hung up on her long before she got the chance too.

La delirante said...

I agree that you were not over reacting at all. In fact, you were very polite. I don't even answer to phone calls with ID witheld because if it is someone I know they won't be witholding their identity and if not, well, I don't have anything to talk to complete strangers. In fact, those phone calls make me uneasy and that's why I decided not to answer.

I wouldn't like to be asked all those questions in a random call either. I think that you did the right thing. My suggestion: Next time don't bother with people like that.