Monday, 28 April 2008

Title is title

Hello all! This is blur's son...YK....blogging today because of a request from waterlearner. Its been awhile since i last done this. Hmm... nothing much to talk yah. PICTURES ^^. Here are some things in my room.

This is my laptop, wireless keyboard and mouse.

My rack full of shoes and my school bags at the top.

These are my clothes. Very little compared to my mom.

Don't ask...extremely cute but also extremely useless. BTW its a stuffed toy =)

Extremely cute and extremely useful.... go figure

MY LAVA LAMP(s). This picture features it with the lights turned off

This is....on..

A beaker and a few test tubes. Never know when you're gonna need it =)

As im typing, im under watchful scrutiny of my mom. "make it more interesting!" or "dont spoil my reputation"

Hope you like the stuff in my room =). My mom hates everything here except the dog. She finds everything here useless except the dog and the computer. Personally, i love the lava lamps. i stared at it for 2 hours straight then finally went to sleep. =)
Going to sleep now, have a long day in school tomorrow. See you soon! byes


The Real Mother Hen said...

Good to hear from you YK :)
I like the stuffed toy, very cute indeed!

JYankee said...

Hi YK!

I personally LIKE the lava lamps...I'd get some for my room too...but Papa Bean probably won't let me.... :( Like the 'puter by the way..and it's really nice to meet you!

Blur Ting said...

MH- This cute 'blob' occupies one tenth of my bed every night. Too big to cuddle, too cute to throw away... man, it's just a white elephant!

Blur Ting said...

Hey JY, so you're another LAVA lover! You won't believe how many malls we had to visit just to get his lamps and light bulbs!

WaterLearner said...

Wow YK!!

Such an honour! My humble request has been granted? This really makes my day!

My husband is also a fan of lava lamp. The theme of my living room is simplicity zen. But guess what?! Hubs die die must put it on the TV console. It's indeed a little out of the place lor. But he has a say right? So that blue lava lamp is right now sitting there from day one since we move in. If you wish, I could put up a post to "show off" his lava lamp to you :-).

The World According to Me said...

Thanks for the tour!

seagrape said...

i love this post! go YK! i love your clothing color palette - black, white, charcoal. aaaiii!!! and the gray bear!