Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Work woes

Last night, I turned off my phone for a couple of hours. I don't normally turn off my mobile phone, not even when I go to bed. Well, I used to years ago, when I had to shut myself from the incessant abusive calls from the ex. Let's just say I was mightly pissed last night and it wasn't even because of someone I care about.

It was a stupid supplier, one whom I did business with because I wanted to help him. For years, he had always wanted to start a business relationship with our company. I have no lack of suppliers but after listening to his sad story about how he is starting over after being cheated by his ex-business partner etc, I decided to buy 10 containers from him.

When we met him for the first time at our office, he told us his entire life story in one meeting. When he left, I told my colleague that I don't feel so good about this guy. He reminded me of my ex. He talked way too much and he kept calling me "Sister" which gave me the creeps.

True enough, he overpromised and under-delivered. The containers he sold us were damaged, not in good condition like he said.

I deal with problems like this everyday. Such problems are easily resolved. But with this guy, it became a long drawn affair that dragged for months. He created such a big hooha, many trips to inspect the containers were carried out, reports were made, pictures were taken, options were considered.

On some days, he promised to pay for the repair cost, later he changed his mind. Instead, I was told to select some other good units to replace the bad ones. More trips to the yard. He made sure everyone was involved in solving this tiny problem, from his supplier to the repair yard, to my customer, myself and my employee.

One day, out of frustration, I told him, "Look Winston, I buy containers everyday and this is by far the most complicated case." It's laughable and a big waste of our time!

He promised to send us the replacement units week after week but nothing happened. Everyone was on standby to receive these elusive units. I gave up on this guy.

Suddenly, I received a phone call from him yesterday evening. The replacement units had finally arrived at our yard. Our surveyor informed us that they were even worse than the previous units and it would cost us alot more money to repair the containers. So, he rejected the containers.

Then came the flurry of phone calls from Winston. He accused me of rejecting containers that I had selected. I raised my voice and he pleaded with me to accept them, show him pictures and he'll solve the problem later. Our yard was adamant about not accepting the goods. My staff also insisted that I stay firm with this guy. How can we trust him?

To avoid receiving his calls and being manipulated emotionally, I shut off my phone. When I turned it on again hours later, several messages from him came through, insisting that I should help him. "Please Sis, please help ..."

I felt sick in the stomach. I laid on my bed, suddenly feeling depressed. He really ruined my night. Now I know why fellow blogger Mooiness hates people who 'mind fucks'.

While I managed to avoid his confrontation yesterday, I am pretty sure he'll start calling again this morning. Sigh.


mooiness said...

Maybe there are second chances in personal relationships, but there are no second chances in business relationships.

Especially not when you've gone out of your way to get a favourable outcome when you are the customer!

And then there's him trying to mix in his personal life with his dealings with you. That's not on.

Just press "silence" when he rings. And ignore his messages.

Nick Phillips said...

BT, I can totally relate to stuff like that. You did your best to 'help' our a supplier (more than you should have) and he failed you time and again.

Ignore him, and eventually he'll just go away. Don't back down on people like these!

Blur Ting said...

Thanks Mooiness and Nick, Yah, I shouldn't let such things bother me but it's difficult for mt to ignore him if he's in my face.

I like to be cut and dry in business, bite the bullet if it doesn't work out, cut losses and then move on. When it gets wishy washy, it really grates on my nerves.

The World According to Me said...

Oh no, he sounds a nightmare!

You have given him enough chances and he should realise that. I hope he has got the message now?

La delirante said...

Good luck with this guy. I agree with "The world according to me", the guy sounds like a nightmare.

I totally understand what you mean, I turn off my mobile every evening. I had bad experiences in the past re abusive phone calls and they totally ruined my evening.

Anonymous said...

Compassion is best reserved on those who help themselves. Don't waste it on such trash.