Saturday, 12 April 2008

Indulgent parent

It's a typical Sunday morning. I scan the Sunday papers quickly while sipping my coffee. Rusty is at my feet, waiting for me to pop small pieces of bread into his mouth. I tend to spoil him like that.

Then I'll cook noodles for the kids before SK goes for Chinese tuition. Instead of going for my long walk and jog at the park today, I will be going to Funan Centre with YK. He wants a new laptop. His 5 year-old PC is getting cranky. Well, he would need a laptop anyway when he progresses to tertiary education next year.

When it comes to matters like this, he knows I don't need much convincing. He could even visualise our shopping trip. We would be at the computer shops checking out the best deals. He already knew what model he wants, right down to the colour. He knows I would ask the salesperson to bundle in as many freebies as I can, then pretend to 'think about it', let the guy give his spiel before taking out my wallet. Then I'll turn to YK, "Now that I've bought you a laptop, it's time for you to get down to studying for your exams...."

That's how well he knows his mom! He's right. Just days ago, I went into town just to get him a burner, goggles and some 'elements' so that he could conduct his own chemistry experiments at home. He's really into chemistry these days and since these experiments are not harmful, I don't see why I shouldn't let him pursue his interest.

My friend says I spoil my kids. Her son wants to buy a computer but she insisted that he pays for it himself. It will take him months before he could earn enough pocket money to afford one. Perhaps he will treasure it more when he finally owns it. It makes me feel guilty that I make things too easy for my kids.

I remember buying them loads of dinosaur books and figurines when they were little toddlers enamoured with these fascinating creatures. Since these things weren't too expensive, why not? They learned all about dinosaurs at a young age.

When they became interested in butterflies, we went in search of all the different species in wooded areas in Singapore. The three of us romped through more tropical rainforest than an average adult Singaporean. In the midst of all this, we learned about plants, trees and vegetation. It was good education and family fun.

I can only console myself that while I can afford it, I will see to their needs as long as it enriches their learning and lifestyle. Of course, I must constantly remind myself not to be overly indulgent. It's hard, but I'll try.


WaterLearner said...

You do appear to be an easy to convince mom. But then education plays such an important role here in Singapore. I would do the same if I were in your place.

Kids are simply irresistable to me as well. My two little nephews knew that if they want something, they can try on the Big Gu Gu. Once I gave in to them when both of them wanted some shooting toys amounting to about $150. My brother was really furious that I was spoiling them like this! It was not really for education or what. But I really feel that in Singapore, kids don't really have childhood. They are forced to join the grade chase very very early in the education system. Hence I am always willing to splurge a little on toys for my two little nephews.

Getting naggy and talked too much.

Maybe because the weather looks so very good today!

Have a Beautiful Sunday, Ting :-)

JYankee said...

I don't think that you're overly's not realistic to expect kids to pay for a laptop with their own pocket money...and it's not indulgent as long as they do other things that they're expected too..and most of the things that you "indulge" in seem educational and put to good not??? Hey...I want you as a mom! LOL

Blur Ting said...

Water - Wah, I think you're more indulgent than me! :-)

But I'm sure you'll make a good mother.:-)

Blur Ting said...

JY -Ha ha, if I become your mother, I gain a cute grand-daughter instantly!

You're quite right. The stuff that I buy for the kids must have some educational value. I'm boring like that.

WaterLearner said...


We shall see when I become one lor. How's your Sunday? Ready for the new week ahead?

Blur Ting said...

Water - After we came back Funan, I spent sometime reading the papers, then cooked dinner. Same old same old. Hope yours was fun!