Sunday, 27 April 2008

Scorching Sunday

Yesterday must be one of the hottest Sundays this year. Maybe I was out in the sun all day but boy, it was burning hot! I normally love the sun but I was nursing a headache and busy going about, you can imagine I wasn't the sunniest person on earth.

I woke up early at 5.30am to join the Mount Faber Running Club for a 15-km run at HortPark & Kent Ridge Park. I must say it was one of my most scenic runs though it was hardly an easy one. We made several rounds through the 23 hectare HortPark featuring 20 theme gardens and lush greenery.

The Mount Faber runners are well known for training in hilly terrains, so we were brought through the undulating roads, from Mount Faber, through Depot Road, inside HortPark, up and down the slopes of Kent Ridge Park before making our way back to Safra at Mt Faber again. The 2-hour run felt like forever! I was drenched in sweat and parched.

I got home, took a quick shower and sent SK for tuition. From the tutor's house, I decided to walk to the mall. It was a mistake of course. I had chosen the hottest time of the day to walk along the hot pavement in the wrong shoes. My feet were hurting so much by the time I got to the mall but the air-con provided some cool relief.

After an hour of cool comfort, I was foolish enough to make that 30-minute walk back to the tutor's house again. Armed with a tall Hokkaido ice cream cone (my favourite green tea and red bean flavour), I stepped out of the mall and walked briskly with the sun beating down mercilessly on my back and sticky green ice cream dripping down my arm.

I stopped to admire the highway while walking across the flyover overlooking the Pan Island Expressway.

Mostly, I walked along the park connector. As you can see, there was little shade at this time of the day.

Finally, what a joy to see some trees and the tutor's apartment building!


seagrape said...

that is an interesting looking tree on the last photo and the trees along the highway look so perfectly trimmed.
green tea and red bean ice cream -yummmy :)

Blur Ting said...

Yes Seagrape. I love that tree. The branches are gold in colour!

You would love the ice cream too. Hokkaido is famous for really good milk. Plus Japan produces the nicest green tea and soft mushy red beans. This combo is just perfect. I wish I had 2 ice cream cones yesterday :-)

JYankee said...

ha ha...yeah it was unnaturally warm here in JP too... walking in the heat in wrong shoes...yikes!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Look at the sky in the pictures - almost cloudless and so blue - gosh it must be really hot!

It is going to be really hot this summer I heard. OH MY! I'm really afraid now.

Nick Phillips said...

It was the same in my place too. It was so hot I was sweating buckets! It's been like that for the past 3 days and I'm praying for some rain soon.