Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Run like the wind

It's already Wednesday and my thighs are still aching from our location run on Sunday. My dreams of recuperating during tomorrow's public holiday were shattered when my best friend coaxed me to join her for a morning run at MacRitchie Reservoir tomorrow morning. I guess that's what Labour Day is all about.

Here are some photos of us labouring away during our Sunday run at KentRidge Park and HortPark.

Look at these fit young men in action!

That's me, in red top and black shorts, trailing behind.

I heard this couple took part in the Paris Marathon recently and finished with good timings. It's nice when couples share the same interests.

This is Safra Club's photographer. His job is to race ahead of the runners to capture the best shots.

At one stage, the guy on the right (red top) asked me how I was coping when he saw me panting very hard. Well, what can I say? These are seasoned runners who train 5x a week!

That's me, struggling up the steps.

My running buddies. From left, Bai Yun, me, my aunt Rosemary, Linda, Mei Nu and Eileen.

See the guy on the right? When we were doing the tough climb at KentRidge Park, I was the last one in the group. I couldn't help but notice that this guy was keeping pace with me. Thinking that he was struggling like me, I asked him, "Do you run very often?" He said, "Ok lah, 5 times a week."
OMG! Then I realised that his job was to ensure that I would not lose the group. He was my guide. I probably ruined his training that day!

A group photo at Kent Ridge Park. It was a gathering of about 50 runners from the Safra Mt Faber, Tampines, Yishun and Toa Payoh running club.


Nick Phillips said...

Geez, that sure looked like fun. I wish I had a group like that over here to run with ... it would sure make my running all that much more enjoyable.

charlie Hotel said...

My media tendon throbs just from looking at the photos :-|

The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh my, everyone in that picture looks like some universal soldier ready to fight and take on the enermy!
I better stay far far away from you all strong and healthy people! :)

WaterLearner said...

Oh my .. I can't remember the last time since I seriously ran some good distance. The Amore that I go to now is the branch in Kovan and does not have any gym equipment. (Yeah! Excuses and Excuses lor).

Training the way they do, coming in last in the group definitely would still have impressive timings.

Erm.. should I go running tomorrow?

The World According to Me said...

It must be a great feeling, participating in races, feeling fit, with beautiful scenery whizzing past.
But I'm not sure I would have the stamina? At least with the tread mill at the gym I can hop on and off when I feel my legs wobbling and my cheeks burning!

charlie Hotel said...

The beauty of road running is that you can't just up and quit, unlike treadmills.

Michelle said...

It looked a beautiful day. I was imagining me and hubby running together... He used to be a sprinter - BIG strides and long legs> Me trying to keep up? It would be like a house cat running with a cheetah! :-P