Sunday, 17 August 2008

Authentic Korean food

After a week of improper meals, I decided that I deserved a good dinner on Friday night. Since our friends Chris and EY were in town, we roped them in to join us for a Korean BBQ dinner at Chang Korean Restaurant at Dempsey Hill. It's our first visit there. It's a pretty upmarket place. The decor is a combination of dark and light food finishings with Korean chests and paintings lining the walls. I particularly like the high ceiling. Dempsey Hill was once a sprawling army camp. These buildings were once army barracks.

The menu's simple to understand with lots of nice photos. The dishes are quite pricey but the quality and service made it all worthwhile. There were lots of Koreans having dinner that night which is always a good sign.

Beautiful sunset at Dempsey Hill. It was a full-moon night on last Friday.

Since we had a Korean amongst us, we let EY do the ordering. The dishes she chose were perfect! She even ordered plum liquour which was sweet and refreshing.

A typical Korean meal consists of many small side dishes. The dish of green leaves, in the background, comprising lettuce and mint is for eating with the BBQ meat.

With EY.

Chris and best pal CH hamming for the camera.

The pink Wagyu beef being cooked

Wrap the cooked beef in the leaf and pop it into your mouth.

We had the octopus and beef stew too. The beef had been cooked until it had that tender melt-in-the-mouth texture. The radish and carrots were cottony soft and sweet, having absorbed all the flavours of the stew. This dish was amazing.
We also had the garoupa fish hotpot which I didn't get a good photo of. The fish was sliced and fried in tempura before being added back into the pot of soup chockful of vegetables and Inoki mushroom. It was also very tasty.
I feel that Chang Restaurant is great for business lunch and dinners. The service is prompt and discreet. Most of the service staff are Koreans. Like I said, it's as authentic as you can get.


charlie Hotel said...

그것은 매우 맛있는!

Blur Ting said...

haha, I went to babel and here's the translated text:
"It very there is a taste!"

Oh my.

Nick Phillips said...

The octopus and beef stew looks absolutely delicious, in fact all the food look yummy. I've never tried Korean food before and must make it a point to try some one day ... Oh and thanks for making me absolutely hungry in a cold Monday morning ... LOL!

jyankee said...

yum yum looks REAL good as usual!

The World According To Me said...

I'm hungry now and it's only nine thirty in the morning here!

It looks and sounds delicious.

The Real Mother Hen said...

ohhhhh I will definitely go there when I get back someday in the future :)