Monday, 18 August 2008

Settling in

We're settling in or shall I say, trying to settle in. Maybe it's just me but I've been having this unsettling feeling for days. For some reason, I feel that everyone has taken on a different persona in this new home.

YK's always sprawled on the sofa channel-surfing. SK is sneaking around afraid of getting in his way and I'm just not used to seeing everyone like this.

In the past, SK could wander about in the garden with the dogs in tow. YK was always in his room away from my prying eyes. And I had my usual routines. There were loads to do at the farm house but life in this little apartment is a little too claustrophobic. It has been raining alot lately which means I haven't had a chance to chill out at the patio.

I guess we need a little bit more time to adjust.


Charlie Hotel said...

When I moved into the neighbourhood more than 2 years ago I had similar feelings. No more big yard to walk in. On the other hand there were many more centres of activity nearby. I scoured the HDB centres, hunted for amenities, even explored the pockets of wilderness that are around.

Your apartment may be small but you're living in a big town now!

Blur Ting said...

You're right! I should get outside instead of feeling all cooped up with the boys.

jyankee said...

yep.... get will take some time to get used to new location/new surroundings... etc...

Nick Phillips said...

It takes a little bit of time for things to settle down and then everyone will feel more comfortable with the surroundings.

I know it took me a while t get used to the place I'm currently living in. But it's good that you guys are finally there with your own place :D

The World According To Me said...

Changes can take a little while to adapt to, and sometimes you can't help thinking about what you've left behind. But concentrate on the positive things and give yourself time to settle in.
I bet you'll soon be writing about how much you love your new home and your new surroundings!