Tuesday, 5 August 2008

What a blast!

I wanted to surprise Mother Hen with a birthday present this year (yah, I haven't been buying her any for the past few years :-P) and started looking around on Amazon for a book or two.

You know how one gets distracted clicking around, and the next thing I knew, I had ordered a pan and an olive oil spray. In case you're living under the rock like me, Amazon now has a huge array of mechandise, from books (duh!) to gardening and kitchen stuff.
Now, don't ask me why I ordered such weird things for a Hen. I was hoping to see her reaction when she receives the parcel actually. True enough, I received an email from her. Indeed, it was such a guffaw, much expected from my crazy friend across the globe. I couldn't help but chuckle as she clucked about the 'bomb'.

Here's the full story, straight from the Hen's mouth.....

We had friends from Walnut Creek around... the house was busy, and when we finally got back well past our bedtime, from all the super rich food and plenty of drinking, we were quite drunk and extremely tired, but Robin saw a parcel and took it in.

So we all stood around and asked one another, "What's that?" They said it had my name. I said "What? I ordered nothing". They said, you sure? It went on and on for quite a while... alcohol left us with no thinking power.

Then it came to me, goodness, it could be a bomb! Wow, am I really that famous??? :) So we decided to open it. In there we found a cast iron skillet, a really good skillet. Our very tired and drunk minds were even more confused. I didn't order this, I insisted. And my friends were like, "Why a skillet?"

Then I looked at the note, I said Ting... my friends were like, "What? What Ting Ting Ting Ting?" My tongue was heavy, but I presumed I did manage to say, "Ting a friend from Singapore sent this". But I couldn't explain any further without collapsing.

If you were here looking at us, you would have thought this was straight from a comedy. Now, 18 hours later, I manage to function better than last night though I could probably sleep for another two days straight. And wow Ting, you sent me a skillet!!! :) Ahhhhh you're soooooooooooooo sweet! :)

Oh cast iron is really good stuff. I use it a lot here. Like I always "gentle" brown some chicken, beef, fish then quickly shove the whole thing into the oven for the cooking! Then I just take the whole skillet out and put it on the table. I saw a friend did whole chicken like that too and it's just wonderful. I could bring you one too when I go back to Singapore next.

Ohhhh, I'm still so tired. I really need a cup of coffee now. And really, thank you for your very sweet thought :) very big heart :) And lots and lots of hugs from your famous friend here who still thinks someone will send her a bomb :)

Ah, what a blast! Happy birthday Mother Hen!!


charlie Hotel said...

So glad that your gift idea panned out :-)

Blur Ting said...

Heh heh. A pun in a pan!

The World According To Me said...

That's funny!

The Real Mother Hen said...

hahaha I am still not fully awake yet :)

So maybe when I sleepwalk I'll cook a hen in the pan :)

Oh, blame my tiredness on alcohol. And Husband. And the burden of being so famous haha :)

And yes, birthday... finally it hits me now :)

La delirante said...

"You know how one gets distracted clicking around, and the next thing I knew, I had ordered a pan and an olive oil spray. " hehehe :) Yes, I know what you mean. I could spend hours checking out all the cool things that Amazon has to offer :) I try to hide my credit card though when I log in :)

I wish your friend a cool birthday :)

SOUL: said...

how cool-- i can just see her standing dumbfounded-- ting ting ting BOOOM.
a bomb.. how funny

only motha eh?

you are sweet to send her the gifts--

happy humpday-

Amel's Realm said...

AWWWWWWW this is SO SWEET!!!! ;-D