Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Wonderful gifts

I left the house a little later than usual today. We normally troop out of the house at 6.20am, locking the door as we leave. This morning, the door wouldn't shut and I didn't have time to figure out what was wrong with the door closer this time.

Thank goodness SK starts an hour later today. I sent YK to school while SK hung around waiting for me to return. I came back, stood on a stool and fiddled with the equipment. One part is loose and keeps dislodging from the socket. I fitted it back only to find it disengaging soon after.

The sun had already risen. It was time to send SK to school. I managed to solve the problem for the time being. At least the door could shut now but I would need someone to come fix it soon!

Before we left, I looked out to find soft morning light streaming into the patio. The plants were still wet from last night's rain but what a wonderful sight that we miss every single morning. If not for the door problem, I wouldn't be able to witness it today.

We added in some new plants over the weekend.

We love the soft and furry Artemisia plant in the big round pot. We have a big patch of that growing in my parent's garden. They're very pretty and resilient.

This is the elephant that I bought. I love its happy smiley face. I've got some herbs (rosemary, mint and chilli padi) growing in the heart shaped pot next to the elephant. YK's favourite plant is the bamboo grass on the right.

I arrived at the office to find a parcel from Oslo, Norway waiting from me. It must be from Amy! I opened up excitedly and found a 'Ting' plastic bag. Amy came across this shop called Ting in Norway and decided to mail me some gifts for my house. I first met Amy at a talk she gave on her hike across the Appalachian Trail. She's the first Singaporean Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker. We became fast friends and stay in touch wherever she is. She's really a globetrotter!

Thanks Amy! I love the gifts.

Things from the Ting shop. She even sent me a little Ting catalog which features loads of lovely items for the home. You can check out the website www.tingbutikken.no

Aren't these coasters pretty? Funny she knows I like the colour green.

I love the floral cut-out shape. I can use this graphic as a stencil to make other artworks in future.

Today is indeed a cheery kind of day!


Charlie Hotel said...

She really knows what you like... congrats!

Amel's Realm said...

Such a WONDERFUL gift!!! I LOVE the coasters, too!

And your house plants look GORGEOUS! LOVE all the pics. My fave is also the Artemisia he he he...

Nick Phillips said...

Wow, I love the plants la BT. They're really beautiful :D

The World According To Me said...

The plants are looking good! I hope the elephant is keeping his eye on them.

And what a great gift! Isn't it nice when someone has thought about you and taken time out to purchase you something. It's warms the heart!