Saturday, 30 August 2008

Moving in

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and an auspicious one. It's the first day of the Lunar 8th month and our official moving in day. Though we've been living here for almost 2 weeks now, we haven't officially moved in.

We stayed at my parent's home last night. We had to because we can't be walking in through the main door if we were living inside, can we? As you can see, I had to walk through the main door during the auspicious window between 6.05am to 8am and perform some simple rituals.

At my parents home last night, I woke up at midnight to hear YK tossing and turning about on his bed. He was scratching vigourously and suffering from severe blocked nose. It must be the sheets. We haven't slept there for 2 weeks and dust have settled in the room. YK's highly sensitive to dust and his immune system was acting up like crazy.

The rustling went on for a long time. We were both awake and he was very frustrated. In an angry exchange of words, he blamed it on my fengshui bullshit. I told him I was disappointed I had raised a whiny and self centered kid. After years of struggle, I have finally bought an apartment. It's natural for me to want things to work out well for us. Afterall, I'm the sole breadwinner in the family. In my anger, I told him I'm doing this for them. I'm happy to live at my parent's place all my life you know!

After an emotional outburst, he went to sleep on the couch while I scoured for an antihistame. Luckily, I found some in an old cupboard. I made him eat one to relieve the itch. By then, both of us had cooled off but sleep evaded me for a long time.

I got to the new house at 6am to perform my simple ritual involving lighting the stove, boiling water and cooking a simple meal. It's all done now. We've officially moved in! All's good now.

Fruits and cake on the dining table.

Here's my simple meal - red bean soup in a claypot which the boys can have for dessert later.


charlie hotel said...

You made a charcoal fire in the house?

Blur Ting said...

Heh heh, yes I did! Well, nobody called the fire brigade...

jyankee said...

surprised you didn't get smoked out.. charcoal fumes are dangerous you know... glad all went well! Kids don't appreciate these things now...but you know they will when they get older! :)

WaterLearner said...

May your house be filled with laughter, warmth and joy all year round!!

Blur Ting said...

JY -Luckily, we have an small open yard at the back where I can do my laundry and start a charcoal fire!

And the kids, they don't feel the pressure because they're not paying the bills!

Blur Ting said...

Thanks Water! What's a home without all that right?