Wednesday, 27 August 2008

New routine

Our new life has settled into a routine. The boys take care of their own lunch and journey home. I no longer rush to pick them up from school. I leave the office in the evenings, packing dinner home since I haven't started cooking.

I must admit the packed dinners bother me somewhat. For someone who's used to eating bland home-cooked food all my life, these store-bought dinners leave a funny taste in my mouth. Now, don't get me wrong. The food's delicious but when I wake up in the morning with a strange taste in my mouth, I know we had consumed too much MSG the night before. We're not eating enough greens these few weeks too.

I feel a little guilty that the kids are not eating healthily enough. But this is only temporary of course. I will start cooking again come Monday. That probably means a change in routine. You'll find me at the wet market buying fish and vegetables on Sunday mornings. Maybe I can do a spot of grocery shopping at the supermarket on some evenings too.

I do look forward to preparing meals in my kitchen. Thinking about it makes me feel like Nigella already. Ah, I should get an apron.

Last night, CH dropped by with his toolbox. He's my newly appointed handyman. I wanted him to install a small shelf later this week. The best thing about living here is the close proximity to his house. He can come by or meet me for after dinner walks by the canal so easily.

The kids will have their one-week school break next week. Rusty will probably come and stay with us. We've noticed that he likes to wander to the edge of the patio. We're worried he may fall through the wide gaps of our fence. We're looking into ways to build a barrier to make it more Rusty-friendly. It's going to cost money and make the patio look ugly.

Talking about Rusty, I should go visit him and my mum later today. I haven't seen them for several days already.


charlie Hotel said...

I think Rusty is much too smart to fall through the railings. But chickenwire might work to put you at ease, and it's not very visible so it won't spoil the look of the garden.

Blur Ting said...

Yah, I doubt he will fall through too but still we can't be watching him every minute right? I have measured the perimeter. 45ft of chicken wire is what I need!

Nick Phillips said...

Trying to get world peace is so much easier than getting my kids to eat vegetables! LOL!

I think they have this almost transparent netting that you can buy at hardware stores and that just might work without making the patio look awful. I'm not really sure what it's called but I've seen it around here.

Or another option would be to get one of those plastic picket fence thingys. That would blend in with your beautiful plants :D

jyankee said...

hmmm Rusty is a good boy... what a cutie...of all the things..i think i'd miss him the most too! LOL

mooiness said...

I know what you mean about take-away foods. Oh so yummy, but man we get so thirsty afterwards! :)

Blur Ting said...

Thanks for your suggestions Nick. I must start looking soon.

Blur Ting said...

JY - I went back to see Rusty today. Now that we're not there, he spends alot of time in the farm with the farm dogs. So he was all muddy and I found some fleas on him. Poor little fella. I gave him a good scrub and made him stay indoors.

Blur Ting said...

Mooiness - Yes, indeed. In fact, I often get an upset tummy the day after too.