Saturday, 16 August 2008

Weekend retreat

We're spending the weekend at my parent's home. It feels good to be home again. Rusty seems happy to see us for a while before he resumes his nonchalant self again.

SK is happily catching up on his on-line gaming. The internet connection is not up at the apartment yet but the cable TV is now up and running. I was hoping that I could update my blog at my parent's but I left my camera cable behind which explains the lack of photos today. We had an excellent Korean dinner of waygu beef at Chang Korean Restaurant with our good pals, Chris and wife on Friday night. Then we headed to Ben & Jerry's for sundae. There was a live band playing old songs. It was abit of a campus style performance but with good company, nobody was complaining. I'll post photos of the evening tomorrow when I'm back at work.

YK spent the whole weekend outside doing his chemistry experiments using his little gas stove, vinegar, copper and nail polish remover. He's trying to create crystals. I told him experiments like this are not allowed at the apartment.

This morning, I quickly gave my car a good wash. It's not that I can't wash my car at the apartment but over here, I simply turn on the tap and hose the car down without any hassle. I'm beginning to realise that I've taken lots of things for granted in the past. We always had the refrigerators filled with food and fruits. It's like a supermarket here! Plus, all you need to do is toss the used clothes into the laundry basket and they get washed, ironed and sorted out quickly.

I also spend more time talking to mum knowing that I won't be seeing her all week. In the past, I simply slink to my room and stay there all day. Now that I know I won't be seeing her much, I sit out in the living room more than ever before.

The trouble with shuttling between homes is, you soon realise that you're leaving stuff there when you need them here. Just like my camera cable. It kind of reminds me of my best friend and her kids who live with her parents during the week so as to be near the schools, and spend the weekend at their family home. She's been at it for almost 8 years!


Manzana Verde said...
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La delirante said...

Hi Blur Ting :) Sorry I deleted the previous comment. I had signed up with my "new" e-mail address where I have just opened a blog to write a "book" that will be a gift for Red :) It's still a work in progress :) Anyway, I have copied the original comment below:

Congrats on the flat :) So you spent your first night there? How exciting :)

I know what you mean, I spent many years living with my grandmother during the Summer holidays and every week my parents would bring a haversack full of clothes and stuff but they would always forget something or I would forget something in my grandmother's place :)

Looking forward to the pics! BTW, I love Korean food, there is a nice restaurante here (I think only one but it is very good)

The Real Mother Hen said...

I need to eat a good dinner before looking at any of your Korean food pictures, else I will go on to attack whatever I can find :)

jyankee said...

Well... it will take a little bit of time and adjustment for all before you all get used to the new living situation. However, I guess the good thing is that now you will have all learned the value of time and how to spend it. I guess quality vs quantity!

Blur Ting said...

Hi Wen, Oh, how nice and sweet to write a book for Red! I think it is one of the best gifts of love ever!

The kids are excited about the move but somehow, I feel very emotional leaving my parent's home. Must be age...

Blur Ting said...

MH - Oh,I need to bring you to Chang when you come back. It's near Samy's Curry but it is so good. I know you would enjoy it.

Blur Ting said...

JY - You've said it perfectly! :-)