Wednesday, 20 August 2008


For the first time, SK took the public bus home all by himself yesterday. It's about time, really, considering how old he is now. YK has been using public transport for years already. Then again, I can't blame them for relying on me all these years. Firstly, my parent's place is simply too remote to get in on foot. You can if you want to, but it's simply not practical.

There were other factors too which started me thinking about how far we've come.

Six years ago, I was awarded custody of the kids after the divorce but their father threatened to take them away from me. After speaking to the school principal about the situation, she was very understanding and allowed the kids to be dismissed 30 minutes earlier. I would be there waiting (sometimes my ex would be there hovering around too) to quickly take them home. I guess that's how I became a very protective mother.

When the situation improved, I arranged for a school bus to send them to an aftercare centre. Faced with too many changes in their life, the kids were miserable but continued going to the centre for about a year.

When my business was more stable, I took them out from daycare. Everyday, like clockwork, I would pick them up from school at 1.20pm, give them lunch and then send them for tuition or straight home. This went on for 6 years!

Now that we've moved to a more accessible location, the boys are able to get home themselves. Then again, that's what mooted the idea of moving, isn't it? It's certainly a big load off my back. I don't have to plan my work around their schedules anymore. They're finally independent now.

Indeed, we've come a long way.


Anonymous said...

Things are just getting better for you.... the kids are old enough now... no more threats from the ex... even if there was..the kids are nearly adults now... let's just hope that Blur will know what to do with all that time on her hands! LOL
We're the same with Coffee, I drove her to daycare and picked her up 90% of the time for 4 years (short I know...) and now that she is in school and walks there and back with her really is a load off...though for the first few weeks I was kinda lost cuz I didn't have to worry about my work finish time anymore....

Anonymous said...

You're a WONDERFUL Mom, Blur! :-))) I'm GLAD things work out well for you and they get even better and better now.

I'm still at the office, so I'm using anonymous so that it's easier for me to close the pages if there are visitors coming hi hi...

- Amel

Nick Phillips said...

That was a really nice post. I suppose all mothers are protective of their kids. Even my wife is the same. It's just a natural thing to do.

I'm glad things worked out for the better for you :D

The World According To Me said...

You certainly have come a long way. I bet you look back and wonder how you managed to get through certain situations. I think it shows what determination and fighting spirit you have. Your kids have a great mum.

By the way, I remember the first time I was allowed to ride a bus on my own - I spent the whole journey worrying I was going the wrong way!

The Real Mother Hen said...

A long way indeed.

Public transport in Singapore is probably the best in the world, so reliable and fast and inexpensive.

J@n!ce said...

Its really a long way how much you have been through. Congrates to your younger boy for his first attempt in taking the public tpt. That's really good meaning he is more independent now to travel alone :):)

I've got a tag for you.