Sunday, 2 November 2008


YK and I were feeling a little indulgent this weekend, so we went to the flower shop and got ourselves some flowers. If you ever feel a little blue, buy yourself some colourful flowers. You'll be cheerful right away, I promise.

Roses in peach and pink colours.

We got some cheerful yellow daisies for the garden too.

This purple one is our all-time favourite. They don't stay good looking for very long as they tend to become straggly after a while. Enjoy the beautiful flowers while they last.


jyankee said... always cheer a person up...and those look pretty! are they all going to go on your veranda?

Amel's Realm said...

BEAUTIFUL flowers!!! And since nobody ever sent me flowers for Valentine's Day, one year I decided to buy a bunch for myself and it made me HAPPY HI HI HI HI...Not to mention it made my Mom happy, too, 'coz she loves flowers! ;-D