Monday 3 November 2008

Too weird

It's a weird day. My laptop is acting up. I can't even call up the internet browser. Even the PC at the office is acting strangely. The browser shuts for no apparent reason. I can't use my Gmail account and I'm not sure if I can even put this post up successfully.

My mobile phone is also not functioning properly. When a call comes in, I keep shouting into the phone but the caller can't seem to hear me. I think we're invaded by an unseen force.

YK texted me to say his computer is attacked by virus. Those weird little windows just pop up all over his desktop. You close one, and two new ones pop up. Our computers are protected by Norton Antivirus. Why is this happening?

Mum spent another 3 hours and $1k at the dentist this morning. I spent 1.5 hours walking from one shopping mall to another. After splurging too much money on 4 soup bowls and some useless stuff, I finally trudged back to the dentist and sat for another hour and a half. I almost fell asleep!

She has another 2.5 hour session tomorrow. Then (hopefully) there's one final root canal treatment here before going back to her other dentist for dentures. This is getting painful.

I hope my laptop doesn't crash. It's just not the right time even at its ripe old age of 4 years. At least let me replace my car tyres first. That reminds me, it's time to send my car in for service. The crack on the windscreen is becoming a real eyesore.


The World According To Me said...

Why does everything always seem to go wrong at once?
It's like I always run out of toiletries and make-up at the same time!
I hope your lap top survives to write another tale.

Blur Ting said...

Hi World, YK told me he used Firefox browser and it was ok. So I'm able to surf now using Firefox. Something is wrong with IE today.

Anonymous said...

aah yes...the ever wrong servers... glad that you could use the firefox browser... this post seemed to go up ok.

Amel said...

Ohhhh...sorry to hear about this. Hope your laptop is OK, though. Take it one step at a time...

I've been using Firefox ever since R2 said that it was better than IE.