Wednesday 26 November 2008

Million Dollar smile!

That's me in the million dollar cellar. If you have one like this, you would be smiling like me too! It's a study, probably the size of my master bedroom, converted into a dark and chilly cellar. The labels in the vast collection are impressive, and some bottles are huge! I have never seen such huge champagne or wine bottles in my life. Thanks Amy, for the tour!

Ok now, back to reality. I have a dental appointment this morning. Nothing serious, just a half yearly checkup. I need a good set of teeth so that I can continue to flash that dazzling smile. Who knows I could be sitting in a million dollar limousine tomorrow? Dream on Blur Ting!

1 comment:

The World According To Me said...

You have an amazing smile!

I do like the sound of that cellar!