Thursday 13 November 2008

The talk

We didn't have the talk last night. YK went out celebrating with his friends and returned home at 10pm. He bought a very nice shirt and decided he doesn't want a new pair of pants. He'll wear it with his tattered black jeans on grad night. The contrast is kinda cool.

I went to bed shortly after. He must have read my blog at around midnight because he came into my room sounding very concerned, "You're going to Hamburg? What if the guy decide to murder you?"

"Don't be silly. Conrad (my business partner) will be there", I replied sleepily.

"You have something to talk to us about?" he asked next.

I mumbled something about having to tighten our belts in the downturn... and drifted into dreamland again.

I dreamt of an adventure holiday with some friends. We were trekking through scenic hills and valleys, gushing at the beauty of the rushing streams when the sky suddenly darkened. We took out our cameras to shoot a group photo before it became too dark.

I'm glad I have a blog to jot down my thoughts and happier that my sons read it (SK doesn't read it too often but YK reads it daily). Sometimes it conveys more than what I can say.

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Amel said...

He he he...I know what you mean...there were times in my long-distance relationship that I cursed our distance, but there were MANY times I was SO grateful since there were some things that could be talked about MUCH freely and MUCH more in details in writing.