Monday, 12 October 2009

BT phone home

Woops, I left my mobile phone at home today. I remember placing it in my bag after I killed the alarm this morning. It must have slipped off and landed on the chair. So, I'm without a phone today. Oh well...

Three years ago, I would have driven through a snow storm to get it back but now, I'm happy to leave it at home. Anyone who really needs to get hold of me will figure out a way to do so. Everyone else can wait until I am reunited with my phone again.

I'm not saying the mobile phone is not an important fixture in my life. It wakes me up faithfully every morning. I use it to check emails when I'm out of the office. The kids call if they need me to pick them up from somewhere. I call them to find out if they're coming home for dinner. Customers call to enquire about prices. Best friend calls to discuss about our sideline. Mum calls to update me on happenings at home. My nieces call to ask for treats. The office texts me regularly. My UK principal calls in the evenings to keep me posted about things. My appointments are stored in there. Sometimes I take photos using my phone camera. I message CH before I go to bed every night.

Woah, it's more important than I think. Maybe I should drive home to get it.

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Nick Phillips said...

My cell phone is like my right arm. I don't go anywhere without it ... :D