Monday, 12 October 2009

Nice surprise

By the time I got home yesterday, it was already over 8pm. I was tired and hungry, so I sat down to eat my dinner right away. At that point, I wasn't looking forward to walking Rusty or doing the laundry.

Then SK walked out of his bedroom with Rusty trailing behind him. I wasn't expecting this but he had taken the initiative to feed and walk Rusty before I returned. When I walked into the bathroom later, I found that he had presoaked all the soiled clothes in soapy water so that I could just load them into the washer in the morning. What a great help he was!

During my growing up years, I often returned home after school to find mum still toiling away in the orchid garden. Knowing how tired she was, I helped her with the laundry while my brother prepared dinner. In fact, my younger brother could make his own meals when he was barely ten because mum wanted us to be independent and useful around the house. That explains why all of us are pretty proficient in the kitchen today.

In a way, SK is pretty much like me. He's the quiet one who often surprises me with his independence and maturity. He washes his dishes and cutlery after eating and fixes his own meals when I'm not around. I've even caught him washing his own clothes. I can always rely on him to bathe Rusty though he's quite reluctant to walk him.

It makes me happy to know I've brought up a sensible kid.


Charlie Hotel said...

How nice!

Amel's Realm said...

WOW!!! He's really mature and independent. I wasn't such a big help when I was still staying with my parents, I must admit. :-(((