Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Gone shopping

I was quite surprised to discover that YK's new term is starting in 5 days' time. That means his 6-week vacation is almost over and I haven't done a thing with him. No holidays or special treats. Nada.

So how can I reject him when he called asking me to accompany him to the mall today? I'll be taking a few hours off work to go shopping at Vivocity, one of the largest malls in Singapore. It's nice to know that he wants to go out with me. You know how some teenagers are!

It's also time I get myself a new handbag and some clothes. I hope today's trip is fruitful.


Anonymous said...

Better let us see pics of your purchases...it's nice to feel wanted by your kids, isn't it???

WaterLearner said...

Happy Shopping!

Amel's Realm said...

HAVE FUN then and yeah, it's really nice to be going out with your teen kids (knowing how they are) he he he...:-))))