Thursday, 1 October 2009

Elixir of life

For some reason, the morning so far feels weird. Maybe it is the hazy skies or the stillness of the air, or even the lack of cars on the road as I drove to work, it's like the world has stopped moving.

I remember seeing a movie like that years ago, where the entire world just froze and everyone disappeared from the face of the earth. Only the crew and passengers on a plane were spared. They landed in an air terminal with nobody in sight. It was eerie and surreal.

As I sit at my work desk, I begin to hear the sounds of traffic in the distance. The sun has started peeking through the clouds at 9.30am, sending soft morning light streaming through the glass window. Maybe that's what it is, we were missing the sunlight. The sun is indeed the exilir of life, without which I cannot survive.

Soon, my friends Steph and Fry will walk through the office door. They're coming by to vist and we'll go for lunch at the Joan Bowen Cafe nearby to celebrate Fry's new office opening. Congratulations on your opening, Fry! The sun is up at the auspicious hour. It's a good sign.


charlie hotel said...

Your movie sounds like a Stephen King story I read once.
Have a nice lunch. Order the Tuna!

jyankee69 said...

Hope the appearance of the sun makes the day seem better. It is raining here...much needed but makes for a dreary day.

huier said...

Hope lunch was gd! And Fry, 祝生意新隆,CONGRATS!

Blur Ting said...

There was a private function at Joan Bowen, so we ended up eating curry fish head and other dishes at a restaurant nearby.

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

hehehe....thanks all!

yup, we had the curry and the company was great. i'd say it's the best combo - great friends + food + time and.....the option to lunch in an aircon place......OMG, the weather!