Sunday, 25 October 2009

Gone bananas!

I brought Rusty out for a walk so early today that the sky was dark and the entire neighbourhood was still asleep. I needed some small change for SK's pocket money. All I had was a $50 note, so we were heading to the ATM machine to withdraw smaller notes.

What a surprise to see the fruit stall already opened at 5.50am. What joy! I could break my note there instead of walking all the way to the ATM.

Seeing the fruit stall owner so bright and cheery put me in a buying mood. I didn't feel good about giving him a big note first thing in the morning, so I picked the biggest bunch of bananas hanging in his shop.

"Are you sure you want this BIG bunch?", he asked.

I nodded and quickly hurried home with my purchase.

It was only when I got home then I realised how big the bunch is. What was I thinking? The kids do not fancy bananas, looks like I'll have to eat the entire bunch. There must be more than 30 bananas and they're quite perishable too. It's going to be bananas for breakfast and lunch over the next 3 days. Gawd!


charlie hotel said...

Banana split!
I'll bring the Rocky Road : )

Blur Ting said...

I thought of giving you some but not worth the trouble. I counted, there are about 20, not as many as I thought but I'm already sick of it.

Maybe I'll make banana cake.