Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Social month

For some reason, it feels like a Friday today. It must be the wedding dinner that we're attending tonight. I usually go out on Friday nights, so that's probably why. While I haven't planned on what to wear, I have already decided on what to cook for the kids' dinner. I'm going home early to make a pot of chicken curry with lots of potatoes. Then I'll walk the dog and decide on the attire.

CH is going to show up in his tartan kilt with hose, accessories and all. If I put on my floral dress, we can be voted as the most clashing couple. I don't really mind that. I pick my clothes based on which makes me look slimmest, so we'll see...

Tomorrow night, we have a BBQ party to attend. That's another headache because CH's nieces are always dressed to the nines. We haven't even gotten his niece a birthday gift. What does she like? That's a tough one.

Next week, we have several birthdays to celebrate culminating in a Bollywood themed birthday party on Saturday. Thank goodness I have an Indian top in my wardrobe waiting patiently to be worn again. CH had gone out and bought himself an Indian shirt. We still have to look for a present for the birthday girl though.

My brother is organising a family lunch as well. All of us will gather at some restaurant for a nice meal. It's about time. We haven't done that in years.

Seems like it'll be a month of feasting. So it appears that we've made the right decision in signing up for the 4km run (Run for Hope) towards end of November. I must remind myself to put in some training sessions.

The event that I am most looking forward to must be the trip to Hanoi with my group of girlfriends on 27th November. It's all coming together now. We're flying there to meet up with an old friend and crash out at her apartment. She has already collated a list of restaurants to bring us to. We will sample the best Japanese, Vietnamese, Western and Indian cuisine in Hanoi. She has promised to bring us to the famous local food-court, seafood by the lake and really local beef-noodle and BBQ meat noodle by the road side.

It'll be a wonderful reunion. I can't wait!

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The Real Mother Hen said...

Ah, all sounds fun though :) and I'm sure you will enjoy yourself in each and everyone of them.