Tuesday, 6 October 2009

No surprise

It rained again last night. No surprise really, since we're right smack in the middle of monsoon season. YK just texted me about The Super Typhoon Parma hitting the Philippines tonight, sending strong winds our way too. We're bracing ourselves for another wet and windy night. I hope my plants will not be battered in the storm and that Rusty will not cower in fear.

I couldn't walk him yesterday as it was still raining when I left for work. I left a note for YK to walk him later. The kid, who detests walking the dog, surprised me by going for such a long one until Rusty was tired out. YK had to carry him home. As you would imagine, Rusty has been getting extra cuddles after his right eye turned bad.

Something surprising happened in my garden. The coriander seeds I have recently sowed have germinated into spinach seedlings. I've no luck in growing coriander until now, so naturally I was excited to see the sprouts. As ridiculous as it sounds, the winds could have carried spinach seeds from the pots nearby into this container. I'm quite sure coriander and spinach seedlings do not look identical but at less than 1cm, one can never be too sure. Before I jump to any wild conclusions, let's just wait for them to grow a little bigger.

The office is unusually quiet today. I'm holding the fort as my colleague is away on holiday. I should tell her to stay indoors tonight so she doesn't get blown away by strong winds. Don't worry about me as I'll be under the warm covers. Yah, get a life.


auntielucia said...

Hi Blur: Thought of you yesterday when I was at the GWC Cold Store and saw packets of flaxseeds fm Bob's Red Mill (I think that's the brand) which said could be used for sprouting. How's that for an alternative to the green bean taugeh? :D

Blur Ting said...

Interesting. I'll get some to try. My friend has kindly brought some alfafa seeds from Korea for me to sprout too.