Sunday, 18 October 2009

What's for lunch?

Just about everybody knows that I don't eat a proper lunch. At work, lunch is a hot cup of oats or a small sweet potato. If I buy a loaf of bread on Monday, I would eat it for breakfast and lunch all week until I get sick of it.

For the weekend, I cook pasta, laksa or mee siam for the kids, but I hardly eat any. Instead, I eat things that I fancy, usually things that people eat as snack or dessert.

I can be very choosy because I don't like to waste calories on food that I don't enjoy. That doesn't mean I'm a food snob. Some of my favourite foods are natural food like steamed yam, pumpkin and sweet potato. But I won't compromise on the quality. If the yam turns out chewy instead of fluffy, I won't eat it.

For lunch today, I had one curry puff from Old Chang Kee. When it comes to something fattening like curry puff, I'm even fussier. So far, OCK's curry puff has never disappointed me. I like everything about it, from the buttery fragrant skin to the moist curry potato filling. It's packed with goodness, there's even egg and chicken pieces in the puff. It tastes best when it's freshly cooked.

Then I had roasted groundnuts after lunch. After eating nuts that I've roasted myself, I'm no longer satisfied with ready packed ones. I chanced upon fresh whole groundnuts from the supermarket one day and decided to buy some home. At first, I steamed them for an hour or so, and the nuts still tasted hard and crunchy. I decided to roast them and bingo, they turned out crunchy and sweet. In fact, they taste so much fresher than the prepacked ones. And they're healthier because they're not salted.

For dinner, we're heading to best friend's place for a BBQ party. It's her son's birthday. I heard there'll be plenty of food.

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Amel's Realm said...

I TOTALLY LOVE puffs!!! Tuna puff is my fave! :-D I'm not so into nuts, though he he...whatever kind they are.