Sunday 22 May 2011

Joo Chiat food haunts

I have always liked Joo Chiat Road. In the 1980s, our design office was situated at one end of the road. I used to take long walks along the five foot way, admiring the intricate designs adorning the Peranakan-style shophouses.

There was a shop that sold handmade popiah skins by the kilo. I think it is still around. Over the years, most of the shops selling houseware and provisions had given way to restaurants and Karaoke lounges.

Recently, there has been an influx of cafes, patisserrie and gourmet stores. We still hang around the area alot. Last weekend, we had the best of both worlds.

We met our friends for dinner at Lau Hock Guan Kee Bak Kut Teh. This is one shop that had not undergone much changes since the early days. Compared to the newer food establishments along Joo Chiat, this restaurant may look dowdy but is still drawing in the crowd.

We had a delicious meal of bak kut teh (peppery pork rib soup), curry fish head, spicy sweet potato leaves and otah.

After dinner, we walked to Gobi for Dessert. I think their name is so endearing. If you're not careful, you might spell as Gobi Desert!

The desserts here are rich and yummy, it's like finding an oasis in the desert. Indeed, the decor is so pretty with chandelier and all, even the waiter who served us looked cute in a striped apron!

He recommended Crème Brulee Poire William - their classic custard dessert with pear drenched in a sweet syrup. It came in a rather large serving, enough for all 5 of us to have a few spoonful each. This dessert is a must try!

The Molten Chocolate Lava -Dark rich chocolate cake with molten chocolate centre served with vanilla ice cream - was rich and delicious. Perfect for chocoholics!

The best way to sample Gobi's wonderful creations is to order this 6-piece set so you get to taste their famous macaron and other chocolate goodies.

After indulging in the sweets, we were all on Cloud 9!

If you ask me, I think Gobi lives up to its catchy slogan - Disturbingly delightful desserts!


JY69 said...

too delicious!!!!

Malar said...

All the dishes look so tempting! I'm hungry now!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh I know the popiah store! This Gobi dessert place looks good. I'm going to Joo Chiat soon again! I like the Korean restaurant and Thunder Tea Rice store