Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Urban Garden Cafe

Have you ever been to place that make you go WOW and giddy with delight? I chanced upon such a place in the heart of Seoul.

It all began when I spotted a sign while wandering around the city alone on a Sunday morning.
The sign led me up a gentle slope. After a short walk, before me stood the most amazing sight. It may sound like I am exaggerating but to me, it was like walking into my dream home. If I were to build my own home and restaurant, it would be exactly like Urban Garden.

It has a flower shop cum nursery.

There was a row of herbs growing on the window ledge. When I saw the chef stepping out to pick some herbs for the kitchen, my knees almost went weak.

I stood outside the glass door and peered inside, unsure whether the restaurant had already started business for the day. I wasn't even hungry but I was so in love with the place, I just wanted to linger a little longer. Maybe I'll just have a cup of coffee.
I pushed the door open and at 11.30am, there were several people enjoying lunch. The restaurant is divided into 2 sections - the main dining hall which is more formal and the greenhouse area which is bright and casual. Naturally I steered myself towards the greenhouse because I love the lush setting.

I picked a seat by the water feature and admired the wooden decking, furnishing and walls.
The waiter prompty delivered three pieces of the softest warm artisan bread and an olive oil dip.
 Everything in the menu looked so good. The Koreans are so creative, I had to try the pumpkin latte. It was so rich and satisfying, I wished my girlfriends like Petunia, OKC and Leah were there to savour with me.

Even though I had no plans to eat, I couldn't resist ordering this salad with a generous serving of snow crab, huge scallops and lots of fresh greens. This ultra delicious salad only cost S$14!

Stumbling upon Urban Garden is definitely the highlight of the trip. Now I am inspired to work towards my dream!


Petunia Lee said...

It's a dreamy place full of light and air. Just my kinda place!

Blur Ting said...

Yes Pet. I knew you would like it!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Wow... I wish I was there! Green and light... and the salad looks delicious!

Willyn said...

yummy snow crab salad...looks tasty. craving:)

Wen-ai said...

Wah... the salad looks really delicious! And the cafe is very pretty.

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