Monday 29 October 2007

I'm a noob

On most days, I have no trouble at all posting one or two blogs in the morning. Yet there are times when I stare blankly at my screen waiting for a miracle to happen.

It is on days like this that I need a little help from my blogging buddies. I start surfing around for inspiration. Mooiness is dishing out relationship advice .... cool stuff that all men should know about. I hop over to my favourite food blog and drool over the yummy dishes as usual...

Then, over at Anything Goes, I find Nick raving about how his wife is rolling in the dough from blogging. I've read about that before in Janice's blog. These guys are being paid to blog!

Heh! How cool is that. I love blogging and I love being paid. I want to be paid for doing something I love! I check out PayPerPost rightaway. I sign up and they say I'm their newest PPP postie and this is my first post!

So, today I'm a noob but don't laugh at me because who knows, someday I could be the one laughing my way to the bank! My kids will love me because with the extra money I earn, I can fund their online games (if you're thinking of tertiary education... well, dream on cos I'd have to write like 24/7!)

I'm always game to try something new. No venture, no gain right? Maybe PPP will help me open some doors to a new adventure.... who knows?



mooiness said...

It's a good little side income that's for sure. I've checked out PPP before but a lot of the opps do not match what I'd normally write about.

Perhaps your blog may fit better. Best of luck! :)

Anonymous said...

oh good luck.. let us know how it goes!

Blur Ting said...

I'm beginning to see what you mean Mooiness. Some of the topics are really dry.. like review a mortgage or insurance website or storage furniture and stools. I mean, how interesting can these get!!

Then again, if I chance upon a good topic, it sure is a pretty neat way to make some pocket money.

JY - you should try it sometime too.