Saturday 20 October 2007

Rundown of events

I completed my run this morning, together with over 8,000 enthusiastic women. There was a sea of ladies togged in similar sports attire, I couldn't locate my aunt and friends, so I ran alone. At one stage, I was pacing a big woman who power-walked throughout the 10km. It was quite amusing... there I was, running like a dog while she walked effortlessly. For the record, she finished ahead of me! I should just walk next time.
A fellow runner took this picture of me, not before insisting that I wear the Finisher Medal.
The birthday party at my friend's place last night was enjoyable as usual. There were lots of BBQ meats and seafood. The birthday cake was soft and fruity, and thankfully, not too rich.

Ivan, the birthday boy is on the extreme right.

Since C.H. and I were at Waterloo Street on Saturday morning, I decided to visit the Buddhist temple. I'll let you enjoy the pictures...

It was drizzling when we arrived but the rain didn't deter the devotees.

C.H. bought a lotus flower which I used as an offering for the "Goddess of Mercy".

Lots of licensed flower and joss vendors outside the temple.

Devotees praying for blessings, health and wealth.

Touching the Laughing Buddha for luck.

The street vendors came out in full force during the weekends. This man was selling medicinal ointment. Can you see his prop? It's a snake (it's either dead or a fake one).

This lady was probably hurrying to the temple.

Parking space for trishaws. They come to life in the evenings when the tourists hire them for sightseeing tours in the city. It's quite a spectacle as the riders typically adorn the trishaws with colourful lights and decoration, blasting loud music as they ply the streets.

We took a short stroll to Bugis Flea Market. You can find lots of little shops selling food, clothes and other interesting stuff.

Little piggy pastry.

Colourful fruit juice for thirsty shoppers.

Grilled cuttlefish is a favourite snack here. They go so well with beer but boy, do they stink!

Wah, FBI tiny-tees!

These teeny tees are so darn cute, I bought 3 pieces for my little nieces.

Aren't these mannequins a hoot? But seriously, who would wear something like that?

While C.H. was buying nuts from the dry goods store, I was checking out the dried cuttlefish....

...and all kinds of dried seafood like oysters, shell fish, baby abalone, scallop and sea cucumber.

There were lots of candies too!

All the stores sell similar goods.

I bought some anchovies. These are great for making soup-base.

As we were leaving the place, we were greeted by hundreds of pigeons along the walkway. When they started coming towards my bag of anchovies, I knew it was time to leave this place.


Anonymous said...

yeah! for finishing the run. Thanks for sharing those pictures.

Amel said...

CONGRATS on finishing the run! You look GREAT with your running attire and the medal. You don't look tired at all!!! BRAVO!!!

LOVE the pics as usual. I MISS Asian foooooooooddddd he he he he he...

Anonymous said...

Oh Blur, I would give anything to have been there with you guys. I would love to visit such a Buddhist temple. So authentic.

I'm glad you guys had fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I forgot to congratulate you on your run!

Great job!! I'm very impressed! :)

Blur Ting said...

Thanks ladies. My legs are aching today from the lack of training :-)

Amel - are you coming back to Indonesia to visit soon? Then you can eat all the spicy Indo food, which I love too!

Holly - you really should plan a visit to Singapore soon! We have lots of temples here. You can even stopover in Penang (MH's hometown) where the temples are amazing. You can see some pictures in this blog...

Anonymous said...

congrats on the finish and nice photos.. boo hoo.. i wanna go back to singapore....

The Real Mother Hen said...

Wow good run! :)
Oh I so want the grilled cuttlefish.
Oh yes forgot to tell you that the other day I really could't stand my craving anymore, so I made nasi lemak... I even made ikan bilis and sambal, it was really good, even Robin had the whole plate :)

Blur Ting said...

That's it JY! We should have a bloggers meeting right here in Singapore! I will bring you all on a feast!

MH - Wah, you used coconut milk too? Impressed! It's so readily available here, it never occured to me that I can make it at home :-P

Blur Ting said...

MH, imagine if I bring cuttlefish to you in Oregon. I think the airplace will stink for weeks!

Unknown said...

I love stinky grilled cuttlefish!
And those mannequins! I love everything about this post. It's like reading a travel magazine :)

Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

Congrats on finishing the run. Its been ages since I last entered any runs.

WaterLearner said...

**Sobs** My regret for not signing up for the Great Eastern Woman's 10Km as well...