Wednesday 31 October 2007

Our business district

I had three meetings in the business district this morning. Since the weather was nice and cool, I walked from one point to another without breaking a sweat. Walking also allowed me to see alot more interesting spots along the way.
I have never noticed this Chinese temple in the city before.

Check out the interesting ceiling of this new building.

Cecil Street was strangely quiet just before lunch hour.

I love the striking wall paintings on this art centre.
There are pockets of greenery, such as this, in the business district. It certainly makes the walk a more pleasant one.


The World According To Me said...

Looks like a very pleasant walk indeed.
Always nice to discover new things I think.

Amel said...

Nice pics, Blur!!!

Btw, I decided to try out PPP as well ha ha ha ha...but I'm still waiting for approval. ;-D

Leigh Russell said...

The city looks lovely. I always try to find leafy routes when I'm walking but nothing spectacular like this where I am. Thank you for showing us.

Unknown said...

beautiful city. clean and green. :)

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely beautiful city, Blur.

Blur Ting said...

Yah, I always appreciate the cleaniless and greenery in Singapore. It's pretty hard to beat. Then again, we're a small it's probably easier to manage.

Lisa said...

So beautiful. :) I've always wanted to go to there. My mom spent a couple of years there being a trainer for her company's Singapore branch, and loved it there.