Friday, 20 March 2009

My life is a party!

We were at a BBQ party at best friend's house last night. It was a casual get together, something she always organises during the school holiday for the kids. If you think I'm an industrious mum, she would fit the bill of a fun mum.

After eating a copious amount of food and watching her huge bull frog eat beetles, we were soon itching for something more interesting to do.

So, we gathered around the TV and ended up playing tennis, bowling and baseball on Wii till late in the night.

I have another party to attend today. It's a garden party to celebrate our friend's wedding, so we're being roped in to help with the set up. We're leaving at 1pm to pick up food, drinks and cake. The party starts in the evening and I suspect will end very late.

The kids will be on their own today. They'll miss their Saturday fish-shop hopping session with me. I'm already thinking of cooking a pot of chicken curry to last them till dinner. The last thing a mother want is to be disturbed by hungry kids while she's out partying.

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