Thursday, 5 March 2009

You're so vain!

While driving to the movie theatre last night, CH was peering at my face more intensely than usual.

"Are your new glasses half-rim? Somehow half-rim glasses tend to be ageing." He commented.

"If I pin up my hair like this, do I look like Sarah Palin?"

More on the movie later, my image is at stake here. I got a new pair of glasses made last week. I know I should have brought him along but I was running errands at the mall and decided to get it done. Afterall, it's only a pair of spectacles. How wrong can I get right?

Now that I know it makes me look older (it doesn't help that I am already older than him), I'm going to try to cajole the spectacle shop to let me change the frame. I have a good excuse actually. This half-rim glasses are just not as comfy as the regular ones. The optician had explained about the reflection of light from the shiny edges of the lens, that's why my rimless one at home is causing so much discomfort.

There has been lots of debate lately in the papers about calling old people 'old'. Some people think that it is disrespectful and rude to call someone an 'old lady' while others think it is perfectly fine. Well, I'm not that old yet, so I don't know how to react to that but even at this age, being called an 'aunty' is enough to bring a furrow to my brows.

When we were glowing with youth (once upon a time), we had no qualms about looking matured but our tolerance level diminishes and sensitivity heightens as we age. It's pure vanity I tell you. Yesterday YK told me that people often say he's cute. "That's because you're young!" I quipped. Nobody calls me cute anymore!

Last week I was rather shocked when a local celebrity couple announced their separation. They were so in love not too long ago. I felt a little sad for them, but mostly for their dog, also a jack russell. Today, the front page of our tabloid shows the beaming couple flaunting their new beaus. WOW! Are people so nonchalant about marriage and divorce these days? They move on really quickly.

Now that we're on the topic of dogs, CH and I went to the movie screening "Hotel for Dogs" to raise funds for a dog shelter. His friend had bought a bunch of tickets and we were invited to the show. It's about two orphans trying to protect the city's stray dogs and has plenty of beautiful kids, adorable dogs and 'Aww, so cute" moments. Lisa Kudrow, best known for her roles as Phoebe in the sitcom Friends, played the wicked foster mother. She has aged alot since the sitcom days. And she wasn't even wearing half-rim!

Now let's turn the attention back to yours truly. I hope the guy at the spectacle shop will buy my story (feel pity for me) and allow me to change the frame today. He looks like a nice fella. After that, I can even shop for my underpants. Sounds like a good plan to me.


J@n!ce said...

I went to the movie yesterday night too. Actually wanna to catch "Watchmen" but ended up "Push". The latter is something similiar to "Hero" if you are familiar with the show. Story line is a bit draggy, it turned worst when one inconsiderate patron actually took off his/her smelly footwear. You can imagine how stinky it can turn out in a confined space *bang head* :( :(

I can never look good in rimless spec cos my "degree" is too high. My lenses will be too thick & unsightly :(:(

Blur Ting said...

Janice - Eww, you should tell the smelly feet person to mind his/her manners! How can right?

My degree is rather high too but I go for the high index thin lenses. Only thing is, it costs more. All the more I need to pick the right frame cos it is going to last me for several years.

Nick Phillips said...

I know how that feels. I get people older than me coming up to me and calling me uncle ... siggghhh ...

J@n!ce said...

I'm usually the silent lamb, suffering in the cinema. I hate those leg jerkers too. You know those pple sitting behind that start shaking on your chair non-stop?

Yesterday once a combination of smelly feet & leg jerkers. *faint*

We share the same thoughts. I usually high index & multi coat it. Just the lens alone is S$300+ leh !! Add on with a nice frame could easily hit S$500 for me. Usually, I will wear it for near to 4 yrs if w/o any 'accident' ;)

Have you thought of going for lasik?
I've got really dry eyes, may not be suitable to undergo the op. Anyway I haven't got enough courage to do the ops *scare* ;)

I read the news on the couple we talked abt this morning. The gal's new love, quite 'yan tao' leh !! :)

Blur Ting said...

Janice - I also tend to suffer in silence in the cinema but I don'tgo there alot, so I have less unpleasant experience. You probably bring your kids to the movies, so the viewers are young kids, must be noisy!

My specs too. Always cost $400 and up. My friends can make 4 pairs with that amount! I have dry eyes too and now getting long sighted. So, lasik will not be suitable.