Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Then and now

Yesterday, I wore a skirt my sis-in-law bought in Hong Kong years ago. It has been four years but it still fits me albeit a little snug around the waist. Naturally, the body is a little padded now that I'm older and less active.

When I first wore it, my niece Ting was just a baby. I remember SK took a photo of us that day. Since I was in the same outfit yesterday, I decided to recreate the scene. This time, I had Rusty in my arms.

Upon closer examination, the face is now rounder with more lines and wrinkles. But the smile is still happy. Still acceptable for now. I can't imagine what I'll look like 30 years from now. Will I age gracefully like the Queen?

By chance, my friend Amy sent me an email this morning showing photos of the Queen and the 11 Presidents of USA. It's interesting to see how she had aged through the years. Here's a photo of her looking so beautiful and radiant with Jimmy Carter and a recent one with President Obama 30 years later.

I begin to appreciate photos more and more as I age. They help bring back memories of events, celebrations and vacations, some long forgotten.

My mind is not as sharp as before. I often find myself searching desperately for words. Words that used to roll off my tongue are now tucked in the deep recesses of my memory bank.

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Petunia Lee said...

You're quite photogenic you know.