Saturday, 7 March 2009

Caught in the storm

It's 5.30pm on a Saturday evening and finally I am free to blog. Well, I had better brace myself for busy Saturdays ahead because we (my partner and I) have officially decided to conduct Saturday brainstorm-breakfast-meetings.

To be honest, I wasn't quite prepared for any meetings this morning. I was still walking Rusty at 11.45pm last night and didn't go to bed until almost 1am. As you know Friday nights are my date nights with CH. Well, Rusty urinated on the rug while I was out. SK cleaned up the mess but just in case Rusty needed to wee somemore, I brought him out when I got home.

Given a choice, I would prefer to sleep in but I was awakened by several text messages early in the morning, one from best friend asking if we could meet at 8.30am.

So I got up at 7am, bleary eyed but already with an agenda on my mind. I didn't want to end up enslaved to housework like last weekend, so I did some laundry first. Of course I needed a cup of coffee to wake me up, then I scrubbed and put the clothes in the washer, showered and brought Rusty out for a walk.

And then without any warning, it started raining cats and dogs. Yah, it was that kind of tropical storm Petunia describes as "loud and rambunctious droplets that splash like pails of water upended on the hapless passerby". We found shelter and waited for the rain to stop. The sky was dark and the rain wasn't going to stop, so I carried Rusty and ran home in the downpour. We were drenched but it was rather fun!

So we met at McDonalds, brainstormed, ate, doodled, went to the supply store, etc. I bought lunch for the kids, got home and continued with housework. We had another storm in the afternoon. This time my laundry hanging out in the patio got drenched. I got fed-up and tossed everything into the dryer. SK's white tae kwan do pants came out blue because of YK's new jeans. I hope his TKD instructor is colour blind.

Oh yah, I did some work in the garden too, mostly cleaning up the mess. By now, I've lost count of the vegetable seedlings destroyed by the unruly rain. It's quite disheartening really. So it looks like a poor harvest season ahead.

So, that's the story of my life - one that's filled with storms and bainstorms. Thank goodness the rain has stopped. I don't have to drive to my parent's place in the storm.


k@Ye_ said...

Blue color TKD uniform!! Better help him bleach it back to white! Coz if the instructor is like my Sis... sure jialat one...

Blur Ting said...

Kaye - I soaked in bleach + water last night and voila, it's white again this morning!

The World According To Me said...

Oh no, sorry to read about the damaged seedings.

Sounds like you've had some serious rain!

Anonymous said...

We certainly can do with some rain here, it's been so dry and the bushfire...