Saturday 7 March 2009


While I was walking Rusty along the canal this morning, he suddenly crouched near the bushes and two tiny poop popped out from his bottom and bounced onto the ground.

I had ran out of bags to pick up his shit since he had already pooped twice along the way. Using a twig, I swept the crap which rolled into the bushes like little marbles, and we continued our walk.

That was when I saw a chubby man is his 30s (maybe 40s) taking photos of the site that Rusty pooped using his phone camera. Then he turned and took a photo of me walking Rusty.

I bent down, picked up two dried leaves on the floor and walked up to him. "I'm going to pick up my dog's shit and throw into the bushes OK?!"

He was taken aback and murmured "Ok" in a soft squeak.

Gee, he thought he could get his few seconds of fame by uploading photos of me as an inconsiderate dog owner on the internet? Stop following me! I'm not Paris Hilton ok.

I should have snatched his phone and toss it into the big canal!


Rummi, the gardener. said...

STOMP-fanatics !

i had a similar incident while doing a road-run at my neighbourhood.

At a road junction, a car slowed down, anticipating tat i'll be running across the road junction. he reduced so much speed tat its pointless for me to continue waiting at the road kerb for him to pass. so i continue the run across the street.

guess wat (easy guess, haha), his passenger was shooting me on her hp.

either she tinks my running shorts are too short for my very long legs... or she's another STOMP-fanatic like your paparazzi!

k@Ye_ said...

Some ppl nothing better to do... I think Rusty's poop will serve as very good fertilizer to the grass!

But Rusty also very notti, dun poo everything in one go!

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's a bit of a nuisance when they don't do it in one go, I always carry a few bags just in case but occasionally still got caught running out of bags. I guess this person probably doesn't have a dog so he didn't understand the situation and made the wrong assumption.

Blur Ting said...

Rummi - It is an intrusion of pricavy when they snap photos like that!

Blur Ting said...

Kaye - Yah, he does it several times during one walk. Each time a few small marbles.

Blur Ting said...

CKL - You're probably right. Being a small dog, Rusty has very tiny crap actually, sometimes too small for me to pick up. When he does it at the stump of trees and shrubs, I'll leave them there to fertilise the plants. There were times I really ran out of bags and tissues, I had to resort to using leaves and twigs!

Amel said...

Oh dear...why would he do such a thing? Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk...