Monday 2 March 2009

Life cycle

While chatting with mum over the phone this morning, I could hear the squeals and giggles from my two boisterous nieces in the background. They're excused from school today because they're unwell. Mum says Ting has become so thin from the loss of appetite.

Apparently they were home yesterday with their mum who was also on MC. With the girls clamouring for attention all day long, the poor mummy couldn't get any rest despite feeling unwell herself.

This brings back memories of my kids when they were little. While I loved them to bits, I dreaded weekends the most. Instead of getting the well deserved rest on a non working day, I had to deal with two energetic kids. I could only find peace and quiet at the office. It became my sanctuary. I wished they would grow up quickly so I could claim back my sanity!

Mum tells me the same thing now. During her time, she never looked forward to her off days because our nanny would take the day off and leave her with all of us. My poor mum would be so overwhelmed with 3 kids bouncing on her bed, she wished she was back at work instead.

Funny thing is, now that the kids are all grown up, I miss the noisy little ones. Yet I'm still bogged down by other things. Maybe I will find some respite when the kids finally fly the nest. What if they return with their own little ones to keep me busy? Then we start the whole cycle again. Like they say, cest la vie! Such is life!

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