Saturday 28 March 2009

Night at Sentosa

We drove to Sentosa for dinner last night and I must say I am disappointed at the dismal state of our resort island. Touted as a paradise island that offers a kaleidoscope of attractions and activities, it was surprising deserted last night.

One is supposed to be mesmerised by the breathtaking beauty of the lush greenery and be blown away by the unbeatable ambience but there was hardly any soul in sight, even along Singapore's hippiest beach. I was expecting to see sun-kissed bikini babes lounging by the beach-side bars or hot-bods playing volleyball but all was quiet on the beachfront.

The posh but empty restaurants simply didn't beckon us to step in, so we ended up at the Koufu foodcourt. It was a mistake of course. The quality of food was not up to standard and our expectations are not even that high. The mango snow ice we had for dessert tasted a little stale.

Perhaps the lush greenery did somewhat save the night. We sat by the coast after dinner and watched the bright lights from the ships docked afar. Maybe the crowd will return
when the casinos are finally completed and Sentosa will become the lively place I used to know.

This is the southernmost point of the Asia continent.

Sentosa does look like a tropical paradise.

Enjoying the beautiful view from the top of the viewing pavilion.

Yup, my date.

The Merlion and the deserted beach below.


w said...

OMG, Sentosa truly looks like a tropical paradise! I love the picture of the palm trees..the light! It's a very good pic!

huier said...

Great shots, Ting and cool haircut CH...on a tropical island like ours, indeed!

k@Ye_ said...

Think of it this way, not much ppl at nite... GOOD!!! Can hv the whole nice place to yourself! :)

charlie hotel said...

Eh? Is Sentosa so boring that attention falls on my haircut? :) but thanks! It WAS kind of quiet for a Friday night though.

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