Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Back to the countryside

I had a particularly stressful morning. The contractor was screwing up the project and client was fuming on the other end. We were running behind schedule, I ended up losing my temper (gasp!). Finally, we had to find someone else to do the job. I drove to the far end of Singapore to discuss the project details with my other contractor who exuded so much serenity, it bolstered my confidence.

After the meeting, I decided to cool off by driving through the Kranji countryside instead of hitting the highway to return to the office. While cruising through the tranquil roads, I felt at peace again and decided to stop by Bollywood Veggies for a leisurely lunch at their Poison Ivy Bistro.

I really think I belong to the countryside instead of the city. The moment I am surrounded by lush greenery, I feel so at home. How I wish my work revolves around plants and animals instead of people!

I like how everything is so natural and a little untamed in the garden.

They do have a sense of humour too.

Herbs and flowering plants grow happily together in the yard.

Indeed I felt so welcomed (by the plants).

Poison Ivy Bistro uses their own produce to prepare the dishes. I ordered a glass of cold home brewed lemon grass tea. It's a very refreshing drink, sans sugar, but with a nice lemon grass scent.

I also had the papaya salad made using raw green papaya from their farm, garnished with flowers from the yard and a piquant/sweet/spicy dressing and peanuts.

Enjoying the view from where I sat.


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

OMG.....great place! but rather inaccessible for peeper who dun drive = me.

but Blur Ting, me think u can go ahead and do wat u want if well-strategised. add oil! =)

Blur Ting said...

Fry - Yes, it is a back-to-nature kind of place. They even have a real cow grazing grass in the yard!!

I feel so happy whenever I am in the countryside. I would be happy to run a place similar to this. I should start looking at my parent's farm for inspiration!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

Wow! yah, i think u should look into your folks for inspiration also. =)))

Petunia Lee said...

Yes... I think you have something to build on. And I think you can make it grow and flourish. I do so envy you... I wish I had a farm to go back to too!

Blur Ting said...

Petunia - Yes, I realise how I had taken thte farm for granted.

auntielucia said...

1) here's a very tempting review of Bollywood Veggies:

2) I've been there a few times but always thought the food OK but not o-o-t-w to make a special trip for..

3) Blur: why don't u move yr current office to yr parents' farm. that way can save on rental n travelling time, be near yr parents and also be on the farm which makes u happy. As S'pore is small and most places easily, it's accessible, it's something that can be realised; not a pipe dream! Just do it!