Saturday, 16 May 2009

Night outings

It has been a series of night outs for me, that explains the lack of posts. You see, before I leave for my outings, I have to ensure that housework is done, dog is fed and walked, kids have something to eat etc. That's the typical life of a mum.

Friday night - I attended the wake of my business associate. It was sad, as most wakes go, but I managed to catch up with some friends including Nani and family who flew in from Indonesia for the ocassion. It was also my good fortune to be seated next to the head honcho of the leading local shipping company. We managed to chat and exchange namecard. It's impossible for me to ever secure a meeting with him, let alone chat with him on a personal level. I left the wake feeling really sad yet strangely blessed to be alive.

Saturday night's outing was a makan (eating) trip planned by Fry and my friend Steph. In view of the H1N1 epidemic, we had aborted our plan to travel to Malaysia for our food trip. When we heard of a food place operated by Malaysians, we rounded up everyone quickly for a makan session.

We ordered the most popular dishes like the 3 for $21 white pepper crabs. These smallish Sri Lankan crabs proved to be tender and succulent. Really great value for money!

The waitress urged us to try the fried brinjal (egg plant) and potato dish. She claims they're the only restaurant in Singapore serving this. It's nice too. The brinjal is fried until crispy before being stirfried with capsicum and potatoes and smothered in a flavourful gravy.

The fried bee hoon is what the restaurant is most famous for. Apparently this typical Malaysian style of cooking is not readily found in Singapore and has won lots of fans and accolades here. I know, it doesn't look very enticing but it really is quite nice. There are vegetables, pork and egg hidden beneath the pile of slightly burnt noodles.

We also tried the shrimp balls fried in a salted egg batter. Again, this is an unusual creation which is interesting and tasty.

For dessert, we walked across the road to a brightly durian stall to savour some Malaysian durians. We were told that since it is not exactly durian season, we should lower our expectations. Well, the expectations were lowered but the prices still seem to hover on the high side.

Here we are, with our tummies filled. You can read Fry's account here.

It's 3pm on Sunday and I'm sitting here reeking of onions, coriander and chilli. See, I have just made a bowl of salsa for our picnic with a bunch of friends at the Botanic gardens this evening. It's a concert in the park. Everyone's bringing some food. I'll bring steamed chestnuts, cheese, fruits and nuts as well as salsa. I think we'll have a great time. I should go shower now.


huier said...

ur makan session looks and sounds very tempting leh...and fry's review on the lokun part is real hilarious!i suppose the lokun refers to ieatishootipost? must go look c look c now! =)

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

hi huier!


oh yes, it was fun! hehehe.....if u dun mind, join us next time?

dun worry about the Ah Fry S'pore Association of Low-Traffic Bloggers, it was made up for good fun. nothing came out of it, just the Rusty Dog mascot design niah lah.


we've not collected a cent of the membership wor! *WIDE GRIN*

yes, the lokun part is ieatishootipost =P

Anonymous said...

Food looks GREAT...bring me too!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...


*WAVES HYSTERICALLY + 2 flinging arms*


stay tuned for our next humble makan trip over at me blog, ya! *WIDE GRIN*

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...


hai ya, u're in Japan siah.....=(

nairmind, eat in spirit with us! =)))

let us know when you're in Ah Sing. =)))