Thursday, 7 May 2009

Mother's day

Today is actually my mum's birthday but I just called to send her my wishes. Her birthday's always quite close to Mother's Day, sometimes we have a Mother's Day celebration for all the mums in our family.

If you ask me what being a mother is like, I would say motherhood is all about being there for the children. When you bring kids into this world, your world centres around them whether you like it or not. You can't just sit around and not care if they need your attention or help. Well, perhaps some mums can, but I certainly cannot.

Yesterday I was busy dealing with YK's marine tank mishap. Today afternoon was spent with SK at the phone store. You see, he dropped his mobile phone during physical education classes in school two days ago and it was gone forever. That phone is merely six months old! I was hoping someone would hand it to the 'lost and found' department but no such luck. So we got a new phone and SIM card today. Like it or not, it's almost impossible to live without a mobile phone these days.

My friend says she would make her son pay if he losses his phone. I can only chide SK for being careless but who doesn't make mistakes right? He is rather careful with his belongings, so it was a case of bad luck and yah, carelessness. If I make him pay, I know he would gladly do it but afterall I feel I don't have to resort to that. He can keep his savings for the future. Maybe I'm just too lenient with the kids.

Another difference I've noticed about being a mother is the way we watch our spending. While some of my (single) girlfriends happily pay $30 for a bottle of designer shampoo, I tell them I have 3 heads to take care of. That sum of money can buy me 3 generous bottles at the supermarket. When SK was younger, he used to fill the entire bathroom with shampoo suds. Imagine how long a bottle of shampoo would last?

Now that the kids are older, we pay adult fare for food, travel and entertainment. So mothers like me know a good value when we see one. It's no longer about me and only me. So, I guess being a mum automatically makes a person less self-centered. It's probably a good thing. I'm probably saying this because I'm a mum. I don't have a choice.

Happy mother's day in advance!

Oh, I caught Rusty sleeping with his paws against the wall. :-)


charlie hotel said...

Happy Mommy Day everyone!

huier said...

Happy Mothers' Day... Ting, Ting's mommy and all mommies who are reading this! And that pix of Rusty is oh so cute!!haha!vy cute lah! =)

J@n!ce said...

Concidentally, it was my mummy's lunar birthday yesterday too. :):)

Happy Birthday to our mummy :):)

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's day! It is the same for mom's all over the world. There are a few exceptions, but I feel that in most part, most mom's always come "last".

k@Ye_ said...

Ting, u re rite! Being mothers, we tend to put our children before us~!

HEhe, is Rusty trying to paint the walls with his little paws!

Petunia Lee said...

I rather think he was hankering for a hug and turned to the wall for his fix.

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

hiappy mama day, peeps!

ooooohhhh honeycake Rusty......

*100x flying kisses*

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

btw, honeycake Rusty seems rounder by tat angle. LOL

Amel said...

HAPPY Mother's Day to you BT as well as other Moms out there and happy belated birthday for your Mom! :-D

I've already prepared two surprises for my MIL HI HI HI...Can't wait to go to her place on Saturday HO HO HO HO HO...:-D