Saturday 30 May 2009

Father's birthday

We celebrated my father's birthday last night. My father is not the kind who likes a big celebration and presents, so it was a quiet family affair. My sis-in-law had a hard time choosing the birthday cake.

The little ones are coughing, so chocolate cake is out. YK doesn't eat cheese, so she avoided ordering cheesecake. In the end, she bought a butter sponge with a cinnamon apple filling, topped with crushed peanuts. It was delicious!

Here's my dad surrounded by the younger grandkids. When dad was younger, he wasn't that close to his own kids. He was stern and quiet and we were in awe of him. Though he cared alot for the family, we never had that many father-and-kid conversations. Somehow, he mellowed with age, now he dotes on the grandkids.

Look at how big Ting is now! Here she is, sucking on a cherry from the cake. She has grown into Little Miss Chatterbox, very articulate and intelligent. When I look at her, she is just the spitting image of her dad who was such a chatty and bright kid, we loved him to bits!

Like her dad who loved to draw as a kid, Ting is good at drawing too. She drew little people to illustrate 'kick', 'throw', 'catch' and 'bounce' actions here. I'm so impressed!


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

dunno why, lots of fathers are like tat! LOL

and kids, they grow so fast! i was just reading about young Ting and she's now drawing and stuff. we is old liao.....=P

Amel said...

HAPPY belated birthdays, BT's Dad!!! Nice to have a family gathering every now and then. And yeah, Ting's grown into quite a little lady. SO FAST they grow!!!!

Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

hai yah, i lost me manners......


Nick Phillips (15/03/1967 - 04/11/2022) said...

Happy Birthday to your dad :D

The Real Mother Hen said...

I still remembered when she was still a baby, she already could remember a lot of words. I was so impressed by her intelligence.

Happy Birthday to your dad - and Ting, he SMILES in that picture! Wow! :)

Blur Ting said...

Thanks everyone. I really must thank my sisters in law. They really help to liven up our family with birthday celebrations etc. Before they came along, my brothers and I were not so much into such events.

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