Saturday 30 May 2009

Night under the stars

We went to the free 007 classic (GOLDFINGER) screening at the Museum last night under A National Museum of Singapore Cinematheque Programme. What was supposed to be a gathering with friends under the stars ended up as an outing for three (me, CH and Benny). It's a friday night afterall and some of our friends had to work overtime.

The movie started at 8pm sharp. We had a little picnic of McSpicy burger, french fries, cheese, nuts and chilled fruit wine. Everyone one around us brought snacks to munch on. A man sitting behind us was eating Ken Ken dried cuttlefish. Each time, he dug into the plastic bag of shredded cuttlefish, an overpowering fishy stench wafted our way, I had to stop breathing until my face turned blue. Ok, I was exaggerating but of all things to eat, he had to choose the stinkiest!

The illuminated museum at night.

I'm surprised that I still enjoy a movie that's older than I am. Indeed, I do find some parts really cheesy especially the bits where the girls fall under Bond's spell but it was fun to watch. I must say the plots of older movies are simple and easy for me to understand.

More importantly, the weather was cooperative last night. It was cool and breezy though the humidity level rose towards the end of the screening. The three of us walked to Rochor Beancurd where Benny treated me to a refreshing cup of cold beancurd milk while CH had beancurd. It was an enjoyable night!

It's Saturday evening and I've been home all day. It's my father's birthday and we're meeting at my parent's house tonight for dinner and cake.

The day has been spent doing housework as usual. For lunch today, I cooked a pasta dish for SK using Gnocchetti all'llovo pasta I bought from a gourmet shop. These cute little shells were perfectly al dente after cooking, it makes a delicious meal especially topped with minced meat sauce.


huier said...

yah...esp when we are not the ones eating those stuff...similar with certain cheeses too... apart from that, the evening sounds like a very pleasant and well spent one... happy u are happy. Hv a gd celebration! =)

The World According To Me said...

That pasta looks lovely. I am a huge pasta fan.

Love the building photograph. It sounds like you had a great night. Apart from the fishy smell. Not a very sociable thing to do!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh I like free movies. Your evening sounds fun. Enjoy the weekend.

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