Monday, 2 May 2011

Lending support

Instead of feeling rejunevated after a long weekend, I had difficulty rising at 5.30am today. To think that I didn't do anything intensive during the 3-day break!

The holidays began very nicely. We went to Campers Corner last Friday night to support Amy who gave a presentation on her hike on the Appalachian Trail/USA 2,175m/3,500km from May-Sep in 2005. It was a continuous hike that went on for over 4 months. What an impressive lady!

With Amy and Beverly.

Before the talk, CH and I had dinner at Standing Sushi Bar, Queen Street. The once popular restaurant was empty when we walked in at 7pm. People are avoiding Japanese food because of the radiation scare resulting in the closure of some Japanese restaurants here.

Most Japanese restaurants have now turned to alternative countries like Norway for supplies, and are offering promotions to draw their customers back. All the more we need to support them!

Standing Sushi Bar has one of the largest sake selections in Singapore, so naturally we had to try their sake sampler - a set of 4 chilled sake ranging from dry to sweet.

We also ordered fried Yakiudon which was one of the best I've ever had. I'm not a big fan of udon but this was really very flavourful.

We shared a 7-course set meal which, at S$60, was very good value for money.

First to arrive was the amuse-bouche - raw garlic, salmon roe and seared tuna.

The Japanese raw garlic in miso paste (below) was surprisingly addictive. These small garlic, with a nice crunch, are not pungent at all.

Then we were given a bowl of fresh greens with a fragrant Japanese style dressing.

A small platter of sashimi was served next.

Then came the grilled black cod topped with roe paste. That was amazing. My favourite!

The tempura was ordinary.

Just when I thought dinner was over, a mixed sushi platter was served. The sushi was good - fresh fish with small amount of rice underneath. The California roll was delicious.

Finally, we were given a choice of sesame, yuzu and green tea ice cream for dessert. We picked yuzu - a refreshing citrusy sorbet.


The World According To Me said...

You have such interesting food!
Sad to hear about the restaurants forced to close.

JY69 said...

sounds good!

Amel said...

Oh, it never occurred to me that Japanese restos aren't doing well 'coz of what happened in Japan. Dear goodness...the photos look DELICIOUSSSS!!!! And $60 for a 7-course set meal is REALLY good value for money, esp. 'coz they're delicious!!!