Saturday, 13 August 2011

Nice banana cake

I bought a bunch of super ripe bananas from the store today to make a banana cake.

I had so much bananas, I ended up with 2 loafs. I used OKC's recipe and they turned out to be the moist and fluffy. No wonder OKC calls it an almost perfect banana cake!


Wen-ai said...

I love banana cake! But my last attempt many moons ago didnt turn out well at all (and I thought Banana cakes cant go wrong). Ugh... ;( I must try again when I have the time! Yours look really good and home-made. I like the rustic and home-made-look kind of cakes!

Blur Ting said...

Use OKC's recipe, won't go wrong. I made 2 loaves using the same batter. The first loaf was light and fluffy but the second one became too dense because I let the batter sit for too long (while waiting for the first to cook) and should have whisk it again before putting into the oven.