Sunday, 21 August 2011

Lunch in the countryside

One of our favourite lunch locations is situated in a far-flung corner of Singapore where the Malaysian coastline is visible even on a hazy day.

The Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves boasts of wide diversity of wildlife and migratory birds. There is another attraction that many are not aware of - the small cafe on stilts that overlooks a large pond.

While the menu is not extensive, the ambience is fantastic. There is always something fascinating to watch while eating - from huge monitor lizards basking in the sun to water hen (below) wandering around begging for scraps.

Our all-time favourite is the Nasi Lemak. The recipe has not changed since we ate there 10 years ago. The chicken wing is well marinated and pressure cooked until tender and the coconut rice is fragrant and fluffy.

We had the fish & chips for the first time and it was quite good, better than many restaurants in town.

If you happen to be hungry in Kranji, do give this little cafe a try.