Monday, 1 August 2011

Comfort food

I treat the family very well. I cook everyone's favourite dishes and make sure the house is clean and comfortable to live in. And I often pamper them with their favourite treats. Well, some mothers are so focused on everyone else's needs, they end up neglecting themselves.

I'm like that. I eat poorly when I'm alone and the kids (being male) aren't competent in the 'pampering mummy' department. Today I decided to treat myself to my all-time favourite comfort food - smoked salmon on toast.

I like to think that this is an improved version of the simple open-face sandwich. From my Italian friend, I learned to rub raw garlic on freshly toasted baguette slices. It immediately adds another dimension to a simple piece of toast.

Then I mix smoked salmon with diced tomato and wild rocket, and toss them in dijon mustard, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Add some ground black pepper and spread the mixture on top of the garlicky toast.

Really delicious, I tell ya. Now that I'm so loaded with carb, I'm feeling on top of the world!