Friday, 19 October 2012

Meet our dogs

My friend ML asked me a funny question that day. She wanted to know how dogs would react when the sky is getting dark and the owner isn't home yet.

I've always had dogs in and around the house, so I can only say that like humans, dogs have their own personalities. I have heard of dogs who wait by the main door in the evening until the owner returns from work. Some dogs like Rusty couldn't care less as long as he gets fed and walked. My neighbour's female jack russell terrier vents her anger and destroys things if she's kept waiting for too long.

Come to think of it, all our 3 dogs are very disciplined and well behaved. Rusty lives a pampered life but he has never thrown a tantrum. We've never sent him for training yet he doesn't pee or poop in the house, steal food or destroy things. In fact, he's such an important member of our family, we cannot imagine life without him.
 Bodhi was a stray pup who showed up near our condo one day. We couldn't bear to see him being captured and euthanised by AVA, so we brought him to my parents'farm. Read his story here.  From a shy and timid pup, he has grown into a big, handsome and faithful dog. He recognises the sound of my car engine and would come galloping (he gallops like a horse!) down the driveway to welcome me.
 Harry is a beautiful Japanese Spitz who was abandoned outside our farm. Read his story here. Other than the occasional skin problem, he is a healthy and energetic dog. He can be bossy towards Bodhi but is otherwise an affectionate dog with sweet temperament. He has found his way into my father's heart and that is quite an achievement.


Amel said...

I can't imagine Rusty having a temper tantrum hi hi...such a sweet dog. :-D

Petunia Lee said...

They are all super cute! This story about those three tongue lolling beings made me smile too!

C.H. said...

"doesn't pee or poop in the house, steal food or destroy things"

Only mostly true : )