Thursday, 18 December 2008

Happy childhood

While driving mum around, we often engage in conversations about kids and life in general. I tend to share the same opinions as mum where raising kids is concerned. We believe in giving children a happy and sweet childhood without neglecting education and discipline.

Thinking back, I'm glad my kids had a happy childhood. They attended playschool on weekdays but spent their afternoons playing with toys, biking and splashing around with kids in our estate, drawing, building Lego and generally doing things they enjoyed. Weekends were spent at the park, building sandcastles by the beach and visiting fish farms and aquariums.

Until now, they still reminisce about the sweet childhood days. I think that's what childhood should be like. Afterall we are only a child for the first few years of our life. Sadly kids these days are so burdened with preparatory pre-school assignments and classes that they have lost the innocence of childhood.

Sending mum to the hospital and seeing so many sick patients over a period of time has given me a new perspective of life. Instead of wishing that my kids will grow up into super-achievers, my wish for them is to have good health and a good heart. Being well-liked will also do them alot of good as they go through life. I won't like to see them being bullied or abused, so they must be able to stand up for themselves and know what's good for them. Above all, they must be happy and contented.

I probably come across as being rather simple-minded and idealistic, but really, we only have one life to live, so it must be a happy one with no regrets or bitterness. Some of the happiest people I know are the ones who have little yet live a fulfilling life.

It's barely a week away from Christmas, I managed to find some happy faces in a kiosk at the hospital this morning. They only cost $1.90 each and I knew they would bring a smile to my nieces' face.

Indeed! The little ones were so happy with the gifts! I wish them a sweet and happy childhood.


Burcu said...

I agree with your saying " Instead of wishing that my kids will grow up into super-achievers, my wish for them is to have good health and a good heart".
Years ago( even now ), people especially men wished their wives gave birth a male baby. Because those male babies would continue their surnames and descents. But now almost only wish for both male and female babies is to grow in health and love.
And now i wish best for your family...

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

I agree entirely and we, Papa & I feel the same. It is hard for me though, because my family in the US are the typical Asian super-achievers...they all thrive on the "pride" and that of seeing their kids have big money-making jobs etc... We only live are so why live it with regrets????
It must be hard for you I know, as SQ is quite the high-achieving country. I was on a plane once with Coffee..she was only 3 months old. A Chinese-Singaporean with her 1 year old son was on the same plane bound for the US. She turns to me and says "what percentile is Coffee in?" I was like "Whaa?" percentile of WHAT???? weight? height? It seems that she has started comparing her kids to others the same age already!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Can I be your kid? :)

In all seriousness, you're an excellent mom.